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Olympic Training Bundles (Various)

$699.00 $539.00

Choose between one of our olympic bundles to kickstart your next heavy compound trainings. Buy more and save more!

  • The Starter: 1x Olympic Barbell, 2x 5 lbs, 2x 10 lbs, 2x 25 lbs, 2x 45 lbs (Save 5% over individual items) (Certain bundles may ship with 4x 2.5 lbs instead of 2x 5 lbs)
  • The Advanced: 1x Olympic Barbell, 1x Power Cage, 2x 5 lbs, 2x 10 lbs, 2x 25 lbs, 2x 45 lbs (Save 6% over individual items) (Certain bundles may ship with 4x 2.5 lbs instead of 2x 5 lbs)
  • The Complete: 1x Olympic Barbell, 1x Power Cage, 1x Bench, 2x 5 lbs, 2x 10 lbs, 2x 25 lbs, 2x 45 lbs (Save 7% over individual items) (Certain bundles may ship with 4x 2.5 lbs instead of 2x 5 lbs)
  • The Ultimate: 1x Olympic Barbell, 1x Power Cage, 1x Bench, 16x Heavy Duty Rubber Tiles that cover 16 sqft, 2x 5 lbs, 2x 10 lbs, 2x 25 lbs, 2x 45 lbs (Save 8% over individual items) (Certain bundles may ship with 4x 2.5 lbs instead of 2x 5 lbs)

Some of these items are coming through different containers and may not arrive exactly at the same time at our warehouse

We've partnered with the best carriers in Canada to give you the cheapest shipping rates possible!

Gym equipment is very heavy and hard to ship and we've made it easy and affordable through our exclusive partnerships. Wherever you are in Canada, we can get your product to your door in a few days for a very reasonable price. Most orders get processed in 48h and then delivered within 1-3 days in Quebec and Ontario. The rest of Canada can take an extra day or two depending on your location.

Our show room is now available to the public! Come see and try our products before you buy

Our address is: 1751 rue Richardson, Suite 4.101, Montréal, QC, H3K 1G6!

Opening Hours: Every day between 10 AM and 5 PM

Pre-order with us and enjoy 10% off or more on our products. If you change your mind, you can contact us and we'll cancel your pre-order and refund you within 48h, no questions asked.

All of our quality products are backed by our free 1 year warranty. If your item breaks during that period, we'll repair or replace it, free of charge. If your item breaks after that period, we'll send you a replacement part or repair it at cost, with no mark up.

Our customer experience team is based in Montreal and will be happy to chat with you every day between 9 AM and 11 PM at 1-844-685-9487.

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Olympic Style Training
Is Now Affordable

Olympic weight lifting is one of the best kind of trainings because heavy compound lifts such as squats, benchpress and deadlift work your core and stabilization muscles on top of the major muscle groups. It is recommended to train in this fashion before working on isolation exercises. Our bundles feature different items from this list to accommodate you in your journey:

  • Chrome finished olympic barbell with 2 clamps and a 700 lbs capacity
  • Classic Montreal Weights cast iron plates
  • Power cage, ideal for squatting or bench pressing
  • Adjustable bench with 6 different settings
  • 16x Heavy duty interlocking rubber tiles (8mm thick) that cover 64 square foot
  • *Please note the products' dimensions are written on their individual product pages*
  • *Set of 17 mm ratchet wrenches needed for proper assembly of the cage.
Express Shipping – New Lockdown Update

We remain operational and fully staffed during the new lock down! Due to the new restrictions related to curbside pick ups being illegal for all non essential businesses until Jan 11th (& maybe more), we’ve had no choice but to cancel our pick up services for the time being. Our store remains open for repairs, returns & online orders.

Worry not, we’ve just partnered with new, exclusive carriers to ship your items to your door in just a few days instead. Most orders will be processed within 2 business days and shipped with express courriers in 1-3 days across Quebec & Ontario. The rest of Canada will take a bit longer.

Considering the last minute changes, we’ve decided to absorb a large part of the shipping cost to keep our items affordable for you. Our mission is to keep you all in shape and this is not going to stop us! 😊


We source and sell high-quality, durable equipment. In fact, we’re so sure of this, we offer a 1-year limited warranty on all of our products. If your equipment breaks, we’ll send a replacement part, at no cost, then troubleshoot its installation with you. If a complete replacement is what’s required, we’ll cover that, too.

Smart Pick Up Service – Cancelled Until Further Notice

All the Montreal Weights material is shipped from our warehouse in Montreal and this is truly where we make a REAL difference. Our self-pickup service, available in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and even Toronto, allows you to save loads on transportation costs. Gym equipment is mostly heavy so you’re usually paying for shipping more than your actual stuff. Our system turns "crazy expensive" into perfectly accessible.
1. Select a meet-up point in the city of your choice
2. As soon as we know when our container arrives, we contact you in advance with a time slot when we’ll be in your city in, so you can plan ahead to pick up your order.
3. We’re usually there for half a day. You come when you have time. You can also send someone else to pick up your order for you.
4. This costs about $10-$25 per order and we don’t charge anything more. Orders can always be picked up for free at our Montreal Store between 10 and 5 on week days, no appointments needed

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