Fitness Holiday Wish List

Fitness Holiday Wish List

2022 Home Gym Essentials

If you’re looking to start the year off on the right foot, we've created a list of home gym essentials that can help you get you new years fitness resolutions going. Here’s some of the most desirable home gym equipment to keep an eye out for.


1. Adjustable Dumbbells


Most home gyms don’t have space to store a full set of free weights, not to mention a rack to organize them. A set of adjustable dumbbells solves this problem by giving weight lifting enthusiasts a range of weights to choose from in one compact package.


The weights adjust by spinning a dial, enabling you to go from lifting light to heavy in a matter of seconds. Our adjustable dumbbells are available in a 5 to 52.5 pound set, which replaces 15 sets of weights, or a 10 to 90 pound set, which replaces 17 sets of weights.


Either set is perfect for all fitness levels and give you plenty of versatility and challenge as they level up the gains ladder.


2. Personal Fitness Tracker


A personal fitness tracker, like a Fitbit or Garmin, might be the way to go whether you’re shopping for a fitness newbie or an experienced gym-goer.


These wearable devices can do everything from recording a runner’s distance and pace to tracking heart rate, calories burned, and sleep patterns. The data can help encourage users to be more active and engaged with their workouts and track their progress over time.


3. Stationary Cycle


Indoor cycling has been having a moment in the spotlight and for good reason: stationary bikes are a great form of low-impact exercise for all fitness levels and some of today’s bikes are about as cutting edge as they come.

Check our our current inventory.


4. Wireless Headphones


Headphones aren’t an exclusive fitness accessory, but they make our list because they’re essential for boosting energy and setting the tone for runs, walks, and gym sessions.


There’s nothing worse than getting wrapped up in a corded headphone set or having your earbuds lose their charge while trying to work out. A good pair should fit well, be easy to control, and hold their charge.


5. TRX Suspension Training System


A TRX system, which is short for Total Body Resistance Exercise, tops the list of versatile pieces of exercise equipment.


The system is a suspension trainer that can be mounted over a door and uses body weight and gravity to work all muscle groups and improve balance, flexibility, and coordination.


The best part? It’s compact, lightweight, and portable so it can be set up indoors, outdoors, or packed in luggage to ensure your loved ones can still get a good workout while on the go.


6. Massage Gun

Post-exercise recovery is key and is just as important as the workout itself. A handheld massage gun, like Theragun or Hyperice, helps relieve muscle fatigue, soreness, and stiffness with vibration therapy.


Good luck and happy new year from Montreal Weights!

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