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The answers to all your elliptical questions

Why should I get an elliptical?

An elliptical provides one of the most effective forms of low-impact exercise available. The stride of an elliptical replicates a running stride, without putting any strain on your knees and joints. It is perfect for everything from a quick warm-up to a full-body cardio workout, as it works both your arms and your legs while keeping your heart rate elevated.

What features should I look for in an elliptical?

Finding the right elliptical for you depends on your fitness goals as well as the space you have in your home gym. In order to monitor your performance and track your progress, you should look for something with a monitor. You should also look for something with adjustable resistance so that you can adapt the machine to different intensities. Some elliptical models also come with pre-built workouts and automatic resistance adjustment. You should also look closely at the size of the stride and the weight of the flywheel to make sure it will suit your body type and fitness objectives.

What muscle groups are worked out when using an elliptical?

Ellipticals work the legs and cardiovascular system in a similar way to running. In addition, the handles on the elliptical can help simultaneously work out your arms.

What is the ideal flywheel weight for an elliptical?

The flywheel of an elliptical is what determines the resistance of the machine, and the intensity of the workouts you are able to perform on it. For every-day use from beginners and intermediates, a 4kg flywheel should suffice. However, if you intend to do longer, more intense workouts on your elliptical, you should look for something with a 6kg or 8kg flywheel.

Do ellipticals require any maintenance?

In general, you should always wipe down your elliptical after each use, and inspect it for any dust or dirt before use. Sometimes the pedals on cranks may become loose over time, so you may need to tighten screws periodically. Finally, you should lubricate some parts of the machine every once in a while to ensure that the moving parts continue to function smoothly.

Are ellipticals good for beginners?

If you are in the early stage of your fitness journey, an elliptical is a great way to begin. You can get used to doing cardio workouts at moderate intensities without putting any undue strain on your joints, especially if you are not used to running.

Are ellipticals good for intense workouts?

Yes! Most ellipticals offer adjustable resistance, so you can accomplish higher intensity workouts.

Can ellipticals help with recovering from injuries?

Absolutely! One of the core benefits of the elliptical is that the pedals relieve the impact that is felt on your feet, ankles, knees and legs when doing activities like running. If you are recovering from a lower body injury, it may be advisable to start training on the elliptical to progressively build back your strength in that part of your body.

How much does an elliptical cost?

Entry-level ellipticals can go for as little as $300. If you are looking for more features, a larger flywheel, and a larger piece of equipment, you can expect to pay over $1000 for a performance or pro-level elliptical.

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