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Pro Tips with Brendan Gillanders: Top 5 Core Strengthening Exercises

Pro Tips with Brendan Gillanders: Top 5 Core Strengthening Exercises

Welcome Back To The Montreal Weights Pro Tips Series


In an effort to share next level knowledge and guidance in health and fitness to the Montreal Weights community we introduce our new series, the Montreal Weights Pro Tips. As an exciting recurring segment, it’s purpose is to extend the expertise and experience of professional athletes through valuable tips and advice to our audience. 


Presented through the lens of champions who have given their all to their sport, we are thrilled to pass their wisdom and best practices on to you. 


In This Edition:

Brendan Gillanders is a home-grown Canadian and professional running back who has played in the CFL since 2013. He began his career with the Toronto Argonauts in 2013, and has played for the Ottawa Redblacks since 2016.

In this Pro Tip, Brendan shares with us his top 5 core strengthening exercises for abdominals. 

In order to properly train your core through a full spectrum of movements, you need to make sure you include: 


  • Trunk flexion exercises 
  • Hip flexion exercises 
  • Trunk extensions
  • Side bending exercises 
  • Rotation exercises 

And it is important to be able to stabilize and resist the above exercises as well!


Check Out Brendan's Video Tutorial:

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