The 2021 Montreal Weights Holiday Gift Guide

The 2021 Montreal Weights Holiday Gift Guide

The 2021 Montreal Weights Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we feverishly scour the interwebs in search of gifts for friends, loved ones, and everyone in between. Holiday shopping can be insanely stressful so we thought we’d put together a list of 14 of our fan favorite and top-reviewed items to help you save time while you nail it on the perfect gift.


So without further ado, here is the 2021 Montreal Weights Holiday Gift Guide!

Curved Wooden Treadmill

The Montreal Weights Curved Wooden Treadmill is perhaps the most luxurious piece of gym equipment you could possibly give someone (or treat yourself with). The Rolls Royce of treadmills to be quite honest. Just look at it! Don’t feel self-conscious if you started drooling because this piece of equipment is an absolute show-stopper featuring natural hardwood and eco-friendly design.

Ascend Sports SE Spinning Bike

Spin culture has exploded over the last couple of years but classes can be hard to make time for and very expensive. Though spinning is a great way to shed calories, stationary bikes can often be a huge investment both financially and spatially in your home. The Ascend Sports SE Spinning Bike is an affordable high quality piece of equipment and makes for perfect low-impact cardio trainings at your leisure without taking up too much space!

X1 Foldable Treadmill

This unit is straight up the best bang for your buck on the market when it comes to an entry-level treadmill. Equipped with only the essential mechanics, the X1 stays light and moveable for when you want a reliable treadmill for… you guess it - running. Additionally it fold and rolls for storage and it is available at a pretty great price. This might be the best value of all items on the entire list to tell you the truth!

X2 Foldable Treadmill

As you may have guessed, the X2 the next step in our treadmill line (pun intended). A slightly larger unit and, as you may have guessed, locked and loaded with a few more features and greater weight capacity compared to the X1. If you plan on using your indoor treadmill on the daily, the X2 is for you. Oh, and it also folds and rolls for storage!

Set of 2 Adjustable Dumbbells (5 to 52.5 Lbs)

This modern marvel of fitness design is one of our bestselling products and it’s easy to see why as it eliminates the space of up to 30 individual weights. A super safe gift idea for any gym goer that is sure to be well received because (as the name suggests) the user can select their desired weight for any given exercise. They are legitimately pretty slick and built to last!

Adjustable Weight Bench

Reinforce your position as best gift giver with this reinforced steel weightlifting bench. A solid gift for someone who already has some equipment, the Adjustable Weight Bench brings a professional look and performance to any home setup. It’s also as (hypothetically) flexible as you are offering decline, flat and incline settings.

Nuo Style Weights (5-70 lbs)

Apparently, these are the adjustable weights Keanu Reeves uses to get in shape for his action roles. Don’t quote us on that, but they do look like it don’t they?! Boasting ultra sleek design and super slick functionality, the Nuo weights are one of our more premium offerings. A definite hit for the person on your list who is into both function and aesthetic.

Olympic Barbell

Really the cornerstone to any home powerlifting ensemble, the Olympic Barbell is a must have to achieve maximum gains. From bench press to deadlifts no home gym is really complete without! A notoriously out-of-stock item across the industry, this is sure to be a hard to find piece of equipment come “New year, new me” season...

Montreal Weights Bumper Plates

Bold and beautiful, these are simply wonderfully beautiful gifts for anyone on your list. The rubber construction of our Bumper Plates is a no-brainer when it comes to the home gym environment as the treatment helps protect your floor from the shock and impact from heavy Olympic lifts. Super safe and sure to please gift idea here, folks.

Olympic Weight Plates

It’s pretty rare, but just in case the person on your list isn’t a big Montreal fan or you just prefer the look and feel of cast iron, we’ve got you covered! No need for an elaborate explanation on these babies. Iron. Weight. You lift them, then put them down. Rinse and repeat. Another item that will be harder to come by come January 1.

Power Cage

This is a lovely home for any Olympic weight set allowing you to get the best safety and performance for some of the most popular weight lifting exercises on the planet. Stylish and easy to assemble, this piece is a fantastic gift as it gives a major upgrade to the everyday home gym.

Adjustable Kettlebell

(10-40 lbs)

A major trend in the fitness space over the past few years, the kettlebell has become a permanent fixture in many home gyms. The Thing is, they can be quite space-consuming once you have a few of them. Our adjustable kettlebell makes a great holiday or new years gift because it takes up minimal space and is made of removable and durable cast iron disks that can slide in and out based on the user's preference.

Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Tiles

Last but certainly not least on our holiday list is something that is often overlooked but we highly recommend when buying any home gym equipment. Floor protection. Give the gift that keeps on giving as this product will spare your floors from countless dings and divots.

Gift Card

And of course, there is the ever-classic last minute gift card. Something we all try to avoid but let's face it - sometimes a gift card can really get you out of a tight spot!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you see something in this list that will fit for you or that special someone. We confidently stand behind all of these products and encourage you to join the Montreal Weights community of over 20,000 customers and counting! Happy holidays!

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