Top 5 Ways to Wow the Health Nut on Your List

Top 5 Ways to Wow the Health Nut on Your List

Top 5 Ways to Wow the Health Nut on Your List

‘Tis the season to take inventory of the people in our lives and think about how to choose the best holiday gifts for them. Most of us know people who are creative, read regularly, or enjoy cooking.

But what do you get for the health nut, who loves fitness and staying active? Here are 5 great gift ideas to celebrate your favorite health nut, that they may not be thinking to purchase for themselves.

1. Kettlebell

A kettlebell can be used in several ways as a versatile piece of exercise equipment. For instance, you can use it as a traditional dumbbell, to make abdominal work or crunches more challenging, or swing it between your legs for a good shoulder, butt, and quad workout.

If your person doesn’t have a kettlebell, consider an adjustable kettlebell that can be used at a range of weights. Perhaps it’s used at a lower weight for exercises like tricep extensions, and at a higher weight for weighted squats.

Alternatively, if they have an array of dumbbells, you could gift them a kettlebell grip to make their own kettlebell. This is a device that attaches to the middle of any dumbbell, to add a handle and make it swingable like a traditional kettlebell.

2. Battle ropes

These are unconventional pieces of fitness equipment that aren’t often a part of the home gym. Battle ropes come in a variety of thicknesses, which impacts how heavy they are.

While designed to target your arm muscles, they require a stance that also works your abs and bottom half. This makes them another good choice for those who enjoy a full-body workout.

Simply wrap a battle rope around a fence post, pole, park bench, or kitchen table leg and use it to tone arms in a brand new way. Your favorite health nut can even take their battle rope on the go, as it just wraps up and can be stored in a bag.

3. Group fitness membership

If your person is used to working out on their own or spends most of their time in a gym setting, consider whether they might enjoy dipping their toes into a nontraditional fitness environment as well.

Many people have found that adding group workouts to their routine is a great way to round out their exercise experience. While these types of workouts can bring a brand new challenge in and of themselves, one of the best parts is the community they offer. Some examples include Camp Gladiator, Obe Fitness, and Yoga with Adriene.

Plus, these different workout environments may also offer exposure to new fitness equipment, or provide the opportunity for your person to use what they have in a new way.

4. Personal safety accessories

A frequently overlooked piece of exercise is personal safety. After all, when we’re in the middle of a fitness adventure, the last thing we want to be thinking about is an emergency.

You can help cover this base for your favorite health nut by gifting them a few things to help them stay safe, especially if they like to stay active outside of their home and on the go.

Some personal safety accessories include travel pepper spray, the Road ID, the Birdie keychain alarm, or a piece of Invisawear smart jewelry.

5. Fitness routine enhancers

If your friend is all about the serious game face, maybe it’s time to introduce some more light fun into their workouts. They may also enjoy things that can improve the comfort of their workouts.

For instance, exercise dice or fitness cards can help break up the monotony of a routine. Leave it up to the roll of a soft die or the flip of a few shuffled cards to create a brand new workout.

If they have a home gym, you could gift some home gym tiles to soften surfaces and protect both the floor and their joints.

Choosing a gift for your favorite fitness and health nut may be as simple as considering some things they’re unlikely to purchase for themself. Any of the options above may be just what your friend didn’t know they needed this year.

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