How to Check Out with Affirm

Using the Affirm option can be tricky. Let’s walk through the checkout process so that you can use Affirm - Pay over time!

  1. Checkout once your shopping is complete
  2. In the Information tab enter all your information. When inputting your email, If you are prompted to input a ShopPay code received by phone or email, do not enter and click out or “X”
  3. Continue to manually enter your information
  4. Click "Continue to shipping"
  5. Choose shipping method
  6. Click "Continue to payment"
  7. Choose your payment option (This is where you can choose Affirm)
  8. You will be redirected to the Affirm page to create an account
  9. You will then be able to enter your information on Affirm's website
  10. If you qualify and if your payment goes through, you will then be brought back to our store where you can see your order information.