montreal weights pro tips with Nic Demski

Montreal Weights Pro Tips: With Nic Demski

Montreal Weights Pro Tips: With Nic Demski

Welcome back to The Montreal Weights Pro Tips Series


In an effort to share next level knowledge and guidance in health and fitness to the Montreal Weights community we introduce our new series, the Montreal Weights Pro Tips. As an exciting recurring segment, it’s purpose is to extend the expertise and experience of professional athletes through valuable tips and advice to our audience. 


Presented through the lens of champions who have given their all to their sport, we are thrilled to pass their wisdom and best practices on to you. 


In this edition:


With Super Bowl LVI right around the corner, we thought it only fitting to have a pro football player present this edition of Pro Tips!


Nic Demski is a Canadian born, two time CFL Grey Cup Champion (2019, 2021) and slotback for the Winnipeg Blue Blue Bombers. Whether you're a pro athlete on the starting roster or simply looking to improve your personal health and fitness, the importance of stretching can often be overlooked. 


In this Pro Tip, Nic shares with us a go-to stretch of his when feeling discomfort of tightness in his hips and quads. As the name suggests, "The Couch Stretch" can be done practically anywhere.


Benefits of the "Couch Stretch" for hip and quad flexibility:


  • Relieves tightness and improves hip mobility.
  • Improves overall flexibility.
  • Alleviates pain in your back, thighs, and knees.
  • Activates and strengthens your glutes and core.
  • Helps your agility during all types of physical activity.


Check out Nic's video tutorial:

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