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Spring into Fitness: Reviving Your Fitness Routine for Spring 2022

Spring into Fitness: Reviving Your Fitness Routine for Spring 2022

As we turn the calendar to spring and the days grow longer and warmer, you may be itching to breathe new life into your fitness routine. 

Spring, a season of renewal and rebirth, is a great time to take inventory of your current fitness routine and assess what’s working for you and what isn’t. Maybe you haven’t logged as many workouts as you resolved to in the new year or harsh winter weather kept you from some of your favorite activities.

The mild spring weather presents you with more workout options than any other time of year. Here are four tips to make the most of spring and revive your fitness routine for the season.

4 Tips for Reviving Your Fitness Routine This Spring

1. Mix in outdoor activities.

Spring marks the return of outdoor access for physical activities and we certainly encourage you to do so! But sometimes you need the flexibility of getting a workout done from the comfort of home too. Why not get the best of both worlds and take advantage of more favorable temperatures and extra sunshine and spend more time exercising outdoors. 

This is the time of year to pick up outdoor activities you enjoy, like tennis, hiking, cycling, swimming, and golf. The longer days make it easier to squeeze in an early morning or evening walk, jog, or al fresco stretch session. You can also find outdoor group fitness classes if you prefer a more structured workout. And hey, if you are pressed for time or the weather isn't great, you can always pop into your home gym.

2. Try something new.

There’s no better way to get amped to workout than finding a new fitness class or activity that you look forward to. If you already belong to a gym, check out their class schedule for new offerings. No gym? No problem. Ask friends or skim social media for recommendations in your area. There are plenty of free trainings to be found on YouTube or other exercise blogs.

Take the leap and sign up for that aerial yoga, spin or kickboxing class you always wanted to try. Not only will you learn new skills and challenge your body in new ways, you’ll also gain confidence in your ability to try new things.

3. Use a calendar to plan workouts.

If workouts are always the first thing to go when life gets busy, hold yourself accountable with a digital or paper calendar. 

Schedules have a way of filling up with vacations, dinner dates, and other social engagements when spring rolls around. If you didn’t workout as much as you wanted to through winter, don’t let spring get away from you. 

Physically pencil in workouts on your calendar and set reminders to help keep you on track. Planning a mix of getting outside, gym time, and classes can keep you more engaged and likely to stay on schedule.

4. Spring clean your gear.

Set aside some time to spring clean your fitness gear. Toss or donate worn out sneakers and workout clothes, replace leaky water bottles and expired supplements, and launder gym bags. 

Inspect weights and resistance bands for signs of wear and tear. Deep clean any bulkier pieces of equipment you own, like an indoor treadmill, treadmill, or exercise bench. 

Investing in a few new outfits or a set of adjustable weights you’ve long-since admired can help get you excited about working out again.

Spring brings plenty of opportunities to work out in fresh air and sunshine. Give your fitness routine a dust-off with these tips to plan for an active and healthy warm weather season!

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